Saturday, January 28, 2012

Destiny is a Star in the Sky - Zhillart Imaginations, TM

As we journey through life the path we see before us may seem like only the stuff of dreams. As a hiker who stops for a second along the trail to marvel at the mountain that lay ahead we are swallowed whole by the vastness of what we may become. Would your eyes be granted a glimpse of yourself at the height of your dreams fruition, you would not believe it to be based upon reality, yet it is in the journey that we realize our true nature and the true meaning of destiny.
Looking at the primary image, the hand reaching for the star atop a pyramid, one would be led to believe that it is a metaphor for the struggle towards a dream; however this is more than a symbolic gesture. It is in the midst of the journey where we find ourselves and the journey, as shown by the four other frames along the bottom and left, is what will reveal to us our destiny. The characters in the various frames are labeled with a symbol of their own to define for you what stage of their journey they are in.
At the bottom, the symbol under the arm of the character being helped by another on the path is that of solidarity; representing our united hearts, our struggles are one and the same.
In the bottom left corner there is a woman climbing up along the path as she carries her child on her back, using the stone bricks of the path to teach her child. On her child’s cloth there is the symbol meaning we are all God’s children. On her inner thigh there is another symbol, this one representing one who teaches with patience; it is the symbol of compassion and protection.
The frame above that one, second to the top, is of a man hoisting another further along the journey where he may or may not be fortunate enough to follow. On his arm is the symbol for physical and mental-spiritual strength.
In the top left, the last frame shows a character carrying a cross and seemingly about to fall. He has reached out and on his ribs there rests the symbol for dauntlessness and courage; the strength and belief allowing him to persist despite the daunting task that lies ahead.
It is the journey that all of these characters have embarked on that will lead one to the top, but not without help and love along the way; it’s what we all need.

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