Saturday, January 28, 2012

Let There Be - Zhillart Imaginations, TM

Life is a blessing that never ceases to be given. Our spirit, unbound by earth’s gravity soars up to meet its creator’s glory. In the heavens above we feel the warmth of all that is, all that has ever been, and it brings us fluttering back to earth. In our wake the vice that seeks to destroy us, never yielding but to the light that guides us, pursues us mercilessly as it fades in the distance. But it is just as it should be, our table lay prepared before us, the boundless abundance that emerges from all that is good erupts from the tools of our gracious working hands and showers the fruits of our love with love and plenty.
‘Let There Be’ is an illustration of the infinite blessings that life, and death for that matter, holds for all of creation. In the top left, the area behind the angel, the ball of light at the end of staff, and at the bottom there are a number adinkra of symbols: God (top left), warning against envy (behind the angel), abundance and plenty (the flower on the glowing ball of light), and we are all God’s children (bottom).
The Angel holds a staff, not only as symbol of authority but also a symbol that has been used traditionally to show the will of God, and as it connects with the ball of light that is life there is an explosion of abundance and fertility. It is this way so it can be truthful to my eyes as I have seen; when one embraces their path with love and compassion life reveals itself to be as lush as the garden of Eden.

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