Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Father and Son - Zhillart Imaginations, TM

Father's Guidance
16 X 20

Father, Open Our Eyes
20 X 24

The nature of man is both human and divine in origin. Our inspiration is powerful and our potential limitless. The bond that joins this world to the next is within our souls; only to be unlocked by the grace of the creator and the purity and innocence of creation.
A child, in this case, a son, is the purest form of our being. They are true, innocent, trusting, and without vice or sinister motives. It is through their eyes that this world shall become what it was meant to be.
Along the height of the obelisk(seen right) there are symbols. From bottom to top, the symbols are an illustration of man’s “Original Justice” in accordance with holy scripture and African symbolic tradition. As it is written, man was created in a state of “holiness and justice” in harmony with the Lord and harmony with one another in the grace of “divine life .”
The first symbol, a representative of the union between God and man, is placed at the base to symbolize the origins and destiny of man.
The next, is a representative of the wisdom and knowledge of the connections of all things and the natural order of the world, addresses the next aspect of man’s origins; harmony with God and all creation.
Above this is crescent moon and stars, a representative of the characteristics of mercy, loyalty and trust, is symbolic of God’s law governing interaction between human beings; as well as all of creation.
The last, a representative of purity and luck through God’s presence, is symbolic of our never-ending desire to, and our longing for, the will of God to favor us. This desire is not without evidence in the secular world. Many societies have been subject to the guidance of an individual that they saw as greater than them. This natural desire to seek the the favor if “the King in the Garden” can be displaced in the name of social substitutes as a result of scarcity, war, disease, and natural disaster. For the purposes of this piece I would say my inspiration was the guidance I received through divine inspiration, my parents and sister, my family and my community.
I suggest you use your own eyes when viewing this work and allow your eyes to be opened by that “which knows us, though we know it not.”

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